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About Us

Our team is like family, and when you're here, you are too.

We are a small group of licensed acupuncturists with a wide breadth of knowledge, interests and experience.  We have worked to cultivate a space that feels safe for all to heal.  Our goal is to work with our patients to heal on a multidimensional level, with the hope that effects will be remarkable and lasting. 

Our Story

Our fearless leader, Susan McCarthy, EAMP, LAc began the Flourish journey over two decades ago.  Through her work and commitment to our wonderful Vancouver community, we have been able to grow and become a team of three gifted practitioners.  We all share an eager sense of community service and hope we can continue to increase our accessibility for those who need care. 

At Flourish you will receive top level care from licensed acupuncturists but also support in the form of herbal medicine, functional medicine, exercise, lifestyle and dietary recommendations.  We have an abundant network and offer classes as well as drop-in meditation sessions and Qi Gong. 

Check our website, Facebook or Instagram for upcoming events.

Meet the Team

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